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Give me a well-trained tongue that has been borne out of silent listening in the sanctuary of my heart.

~ sevensacredpauses by Macrina Wiederkehr

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm tired. When I'm tired I don't eat right; I don't think "right." When I'm tired, I tend not to stop and rest. How silly is that.

For the last week and a half I've been going at it pretty hard and heavy with a lot of activities, writing, reading ... all really good stuff, but non-stop.

So, I'm finding that I don't have a happy attitude. You know. You can be tired to a degree and be happy. I'm so tired that I'm depressed and needy and questioning myself. On the bright side of things, at least I'm aware of it. Now that I'm aware of it, my plan (yes, I have to have a plan) is to close my notebook and finish my class notes tomorrow. And, I'm not reading tonight. I'm crashing on the couch and am going to relax. My hope is that if I do so, and have a good night's sleep tonight, I'll feel so much better in the morning. My outlook will be better, my attitude will improve.

I keep getting the word "pacing". Yeah. Pacing myself has NEVER been a strong suit with me. A reader of one of my papers noted that it was apparent that I had been blessed with "physical, emotional, and spiritual stamina"...yeah, until it's gone! I guess I do have those strengths. Yet, even strengths can become weaknesses as a result of unawareness.

Time for a break.

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