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~ sevensacredpauses by Macrina Wiederkehr

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A balancing act...comfort....discomfort

I'm in the midst of a growth spurt. Remember as a child having those growing pains in your legs? I've watched my children experience the intense hunger that precedes a growth spurt and then the sheer exhaustion when the growth begins. It's an odd cycle.

We have that same cycle in our spiritual lives. Lately, I have been experiencing the oddly exhausting growth aspect of the cycle. I see areas in my life and in my spiritual practices which are growing, no doubt. My ability to sense when I'm about to engage in some unwise habits has developed to the point where I can now stop before I start. Prayer and time spent resting with God has been very good and pleasing lately. My spiritual friend says I'm "showing up". Amazing how much work gets done simply when we "show up."

My growing edges include working as a member of a team; acknowledging that God speaks to others as intensely as God speaks to me; and admitting it when I'm tired! These "edges" might not sound like a lot, but they are to me. Ufdah. All of this growth is good and will make a positive difference in my whole life, yet I'm exhausted!

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Lysa said...

Oh, I agree with you!!!
I'm exhausted too, but wouldn't change it for anything!
Keep on keeping on!!! :)