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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Doors, Doors, Doors

I realize it's been a while since I last posted anything.  I'm covenanting with everyone out there that I will be better about posting more frequently -- say at least once a week -- from now on. 

My problem has been doors.  Doors are opening in a lot of ways and a lot of spaces for me right now and I am confused and bewildered as to which one or ones I should explore.  I do feel like there is "the right one" somewhere.  I keep hoping the right door will begin to glow or something miraculuous so that I'll know it's the right one.

Christ's call on my heart is becoming more plain -- that of providing pastoral care to those isolated from community.  Not talking chaplaincy like in a hospital, but rather as part of a community of faith, perhaps as an associate minister.  Now, the doors involve how to get there.  Ordination is most likely the way I need to go.

However, becoming ordained is no easy matter.  I see a lot of stumbling blocks: no bachelor's degree; 52 with teenage children and working a full-time job; gifts for ministry that require finishing/smoothing/improving/increasing.  Yet, I also see the value of my life to this point in teaching me important ministry lessons -- life experiences are invaluable to the way in which I am called to be in ministry.  I am also supported so lovingly in the work I do for Christ by my husband and my children -- and even my boss!  The gifts God has chosen to give me with regard to ministry include an ease and a presence with folks who are in pain -- emotionally and physically; a comfort level with speaking to groups of folks about the word of God, and the ability to teach others ways of approaching God for comfort and support. 

My current community of faith has been a wonderful experience in being accepted and appreciated for those gifts and allowed to put them to use.  My questions and wrestling with finding the right door are also welcomed by this community of faith.  I am even sort of excited about being on this particular leg of the trip within this community of faith -- a group of folks with whom I fit and find an ease and familiarity.

Oh the doors!  Perhaps a door will begin to glow...perhaps not.  However, I know I'm in the right room at least!  LOL

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