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~ sevensacredpauses by Macrina Wiederkehr

Saturday, November 21, 2009

God's Timing

Isn't it amazing that our perception of time and God's time can and often are so very different? A friend has expressed worry over how fast my journey has been up to this point. I agree that it appears "fast", however, I simply can't agree that there is anything to be worried about. God has carefully laid out this plan for years. I have asked God's help in choosing the classes I've been taking -- some of which "I've" really wanted to take haven't been available. I've had to "wait" for the right one. I have been pushed. I have been really tired. However, being pushed and being tired are okay. Why? Because I've been learning from whence my support comes. When all else fails, when I fail in my own time management and my own self care, God steps in and will give me a break -- helping me find the time to do what I need to do. An important lesson I've learned is that when God presents me with a "break" I should take it.

I've been presented with a break of two and a half months. I can reconnect with some folks I've been missing. I can sleep. I can store up those spiritual goodies which will carry me through next spring. I can also get back into my own groove of prayer and meditation -- tools I'll definitely need next spring. Prayer and meditation -- they are why I know my travels have been "of God" . . . gotta keep those lines of communication open and healthy. If I don't then there's no way I can keep up.

I think it's amusing that God has been so patient and kind and gentle and present with me since I became aware of God's existence at 5 years old. Now, though, all that time we've spent together, all the "training" and "preparation" that has been my life . . . has lead me to this, to a beautiful community of faith, to loving and caring spiritual friends, to a spiritually alive program of study, to a wonderful ministry to caregivers -- all in God's time. What sort of surprises me sometimes is the beauty of how it all dovetails so nicely. Of course, that's how God is revealed in it. That is where I get my inspiration to keep going, to keep following this path God has laid out for me and reveals to me bit by bit.

God is good.

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