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~ sevensacredpauses by Macrina Wiederkehr

Monday, January 12, 2009

So God Showed Up . . .

In all of the instances I have found of Jesus healing the lame, there never seems to be a mention of the person tossing his crutches away.  But don’t you just see that?  Someone who’s not been mobile, freely mobile, for either his whole life or a major part of it, realizing that there’s strength in formerly deadened limbs, realizing that he has been made whole, seeing the truth of his situation.  When Jesus said, “Get up and walk.  Your faith has made you well.”  I can see the man tossing away his crutches and walking.   I see leaping and light hearted laughter.  I see praise and thanksgiving!   I see release and strength in the realization of wholeness.

I have been considering my crutches lately.  Some I am ready to give up, some I am working on, trying to release my grip.  As I have taken the time to look at my life, and consider where I might be depending too heavily on someone or something to get me through tough situations, tough times, I decided that I needed to take time to look for God.  Taking the time to slow down and look enabled me to notice God.  I learned an important lesson: it’s in those times when crutches fail or breakdown that God shows up in the guise of new strength, insight, and wisdom.  I may never fully understand how or why God functions or chooses to bless me in these situations, but I do know the relief, the happiness, the freedom of discovering God’s presence and support.

So even though we might not fully understand the mystery of God’s plan for us, I believe when we are ready to give up our crutches, God will show up to give us the strength to see the truth of where we are.   It’s when we are able to see and understand the truth of where we are, that healing takes place, that crutches get tossed, that we can leap about praising and thanking God! 

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