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Friday, October 17, 2008

Think Infinitely, Act Intimately

Is God’s plan for each of us an infinite plan?

God’s plan is so huge that it is only possible for us to see and experience and become aware of an infinitesimal part of it.

As Christians, we profess a belief in life everlasting. What exactly does that mean if not a life in infinity? Why should we believe that God’s plan for us ends when our earthly, physical bodies die? We are each individual pieces of the puzzle, without which the puzzle would be incomplete. So in our smallness, in our infinitesimal existence, we are intimately important to the whole.

As we progress along our path toward this life everlasting, toward the God within, the more we touch and experience the spiritual presence of God in us and around us and within others, the more we become aware of our being enmeshed with God’s spiritual presence. We become sensitive of and more aware of our engagement with the Holy Spirit. Time becomes changed; time becomes more fluid, more elastic, less rigid and straight. The way we experience time changes. The way we experience God’s plan changes. We begin experiencing time as God experiences it. We see that our earthly lives are momentary and our spiritual lives are forever.

In Ecclesiastes it speaks of how all is vanity because it has all happened and there is nothing new under the sun. That language speaks to me of infinity. Life repeating. In mathematics, infinity is represented by a figure resembling an 8. If you look at that figure, the nexus is a cross. Christ is the nexus of infinity. Through Christ one enters a different line, a different lane of a multi-laned highway, a different way of being. Each of us experiences our faith individually. Therefore, each relationship with Christ is unique. So, it is important not to compare our faiths or the paths we are on one to another. Each one of us enters the infinity of life in the presence of God. The path never ends. The journey is the destination!

Again, Ecclesiastes speaks of God knowing the beginning and the end. If you think about a simple wedding ring, seemingly without beginning or end, but there is a beginning and an end to it, we simply can not see it. For us, the beginning or end is blurred and one in the same. We experience the simple gold ring as a circle. The circle of a life together. We can experience this same circle of life together with God by seeing the infinite nature of his plan for us. By working to achieve an awareness of the enmeshing of our inward spirit with God’s spirit which surrounds us, we can begin to see the infinite nature of God’s plan and act on it.

The slogan that says "think globally, act locally" comes to mind. Think infinitely, act intimately.

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