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~ sevensacredpauses by Macrina Wiederkehr

Friday, September 12, 2008

Finishing Things

I'm done. I'm finished. With the first of three books I'm reading for my upcoming class in "Spiritual Leadership." And, I've written the dinky one page reflection paper that was easier than I anticipated -- keeping it to one page. So, tonight my kids and I went out for pizza to celebrate. I felt liberated and justifiably proud of myself. Yea! Of course, tomorrow I've promised myself I'll start the second book. I actually do need to stay on track -- the end of October will be here before I know it.

A special friend of mine calls me a "project completion manager," and sometimes when he has a project that just keeps dragging on, he calls me and hands it off. I really can't stand leaving things undone. You couldn't tell that right now by the state of my house and my office, but honestly, I don't like it! I'm not sure what it is about the unfinished state that bothers me. When I look at my life (unfinished or I wouldn't be breathing), my spiritual journey (infinite in nature), my lovely family (growing like weeds), I am impatient to get on with things, but it isn't from a sense of them being "unfinished". I think my impatience comes from a sense of adventure -- wanting to see what's around the next curve or over the next hill.

But sometimes there is also a sense of wanting to suspend time, especially certain times with my kids, to float effortlessly and observe and learn and be. Just be. Savoring every little thing. That's what took so long with this book I've just finished reading. It was a wonderful book, and I lingered over every sentence because each sentence seemed packed with meaning, just for me. I love that feeling.

Now that it's finished, I can move on. I hope the next book is the same way, though, intriguing and specific to me (okay, I'm sure it'll just seem that way).

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