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~ sevensacredpauses by Macrina Wiederkehr

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Releasing Expectations

Do you ever wonder who you are? Where you pick up the feelings you have about yourself, your abilities as a caregiver, your capabilities to maintain any spiritual practices?

We receive a lot of expectations from those we live with and interact with in our communities. Sometimes those expectations are unrealistic, based on the other party’s ill-informed beliefs about us, about our responsibilities as a caregiver, and about our faith. Most times, those expectations that get unloaded onto our backs say more about the person doing the unloading than anything about us!

Giving up our expectations created by our own fears or the expectations of others created in an atmosphere of non-understanding is hard work. I’m not going to mislead you. This is the sort of work which takes steadfast prayer and listening. This is the sort of work which is aided by journaling, by spiritual reading, by taking good care of ourselves. This is the sort of work for which the spiritual practices we have offered over the last few months have been presented.

Do you have someone in your life whom you trust? Would you consider going to them and asking them to give you permission to just be yourself? I have found that to be an incredibly freeing experience and cherished conversation. The person of whom you ask this needs to be someone who knows you well, someone you know well and trust. The person needs to be someone to whom you listen and take what they say to heart.

It is so important to work out what works for us, whether it is the way in which we behave, the way in which we carry out our caregiving responsibilities, or the way in which we spend time with and get fed by God. The only way we can begin that work is to be ourselves. God has created each of us beautiful, loving, compassionate daughters and sons. God created us in God’s image: a powerful, spiritual being. God who knit us together in our mother’s womb. It is God’s expectations for our behavior, our experience of ourselves as caregivers; and the thoughts of those we trust which matter most.

Being and doing what God has created us to be and do brings a deep joy into our lives. A joy which sustains us in times of crisis. A joy which buoys us in times of sadness. A joy which shines forth from us to give light unto the World.

Be yourself! Trust God to let you know when you need to change. Have faith in your abilities!

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